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"Reading in the beginning was an escape from the world but eventually, it taught how beautiful the world actually is."
- Anchal Rani

Libro Review, in the beginning, was my way of celebrating the entire reading process. I was a non- reader since childhood and then my brother inspired me to read. Once I started reading, I had an instant burning desire to share this habit with everyone. This gave birth to Libro Review. I had big dreams but very low expectations. However, the response Libro Review got over-whelmed me with joy. I was fueled to read harder and could see how I am inspiring so many people to read.

I could see my dream come true. It did not take Libro Review long to start connecting with publishers and authors and the rest is history. I have a whole new family of readers and writers and publishers and I cannot be more grateful. If I were to advise, there are only two things I would like to say - first - Just read. Even if it is for 10 minutes, just read. It will change your life. Second - Just go for whatever burning desire you have. You'll see how gracious this world is to give you way more than what you give to the world.

Anchal Rani
Founder - Libroreview

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- Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. - Joseph Addison.
- Reading increases the blood flow and improves connectivity in the brain.
- Reading helps you detect patterns, solve problems, and assimilate new information.
- Reading also enhances your vocabulary and spelling.
- Reading helps you clearly articulate what you want to say.
- Reading improves your self-discipline and consistency.
- Reading challenges your imagination.

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